Borasio - Family Time at the NJ State Fair !

Once again The NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show has come and gone. Many families made lasting life time memories .. .mine included!

My favorite memory from the fair this year is when my 'lil nephew wanted to ride all the rides with ME (instead of "Mommy")

Fair 1

Every thing was going well ..we started out looking at the animals in the live stock pavillion.

After learning about the animals we ventured on, rides, food, FUN !

Michael decided he wanted to go on the NASCAR RIDE and I was ALLL FOR IT !

Can't believe he was tall enough to ride at only 2 1/2 years old.

Now, I've driven a NASCAR in real life and did pretty well


But after just 1 tour on this KIDDIE Track....look at how the happy experssion on my face changed by the end of the ride!

After all the amazing experiences Ive had in my life, I'm just now learning that KIDDIE RIDES MAKE ME PUKE !

Please dont EVER let me go on anything that spins in circles ! "The Tea Cups" are 100% OUT of the question.


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