Vegan "Meat" ! What is it , and whats the craze all about ?

I just saw this debate start on-line after one of my vegetarian friends tried the new "Impossible Burger".

It begs the question, If vegans love their veggies sooo much, why do they want veggies that look, taste, and have the same texture as meat ?

Here are some of the remarks on the 'meaty' discussion

~ They want MEAT, they just don't want to admit it. It's been hardwired into our DNA. We are intrinsically omnivores, some essential amino acids can only be gotten from meat in sufficient quantities. Ask any nutritionist.

~ some people don’t eat meat for health reasons, ... Its fact that too much animal protein is NOT beneficial for health. No one denies that humans enjoy the taste and texture ofeating animal flesh but then there are others (me included) just do not want to kill and eat a living animal. Unless you have that bent you cant understand the repulsion to chewing on a cow or a pig etc. it’s a matter of personal choice and I have to tell you it is a trend that is thankfully growing. These vegetarian burgers like the impossible burger does provide the texture and taste without having to slaughter an animal

~The impossible burger tastes a lot like a real meat burger. I think they’re made mostly with a pea protein and yeast. Not the greatest nutritionally but it’s better than meat!

The discussion goes into many different perspectives and reasons why people are choosing to live a 'meat free' lifestyle.

So , is this a health concern for ourselves, or is it a way of finding healthy alternatives to save animals from slaughter and becoming our dinner?

Feel free to share your opinions, were interested in all perspectives .

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