High Point Monument - A Very Special Place, Right In Our Back Yard !

Yes, I'm really a hopeless romantic at heart . A guy who loves sunsets and walks in the woods with his dog.

You can usually find Bowser and me at High Point State Park and New Jersey Veterans Memorial.

"The view from High Point Monument, at 1,803 feet above sea level, is a spectacular panorama of rich farmland and forest, soft hills and lush valleys in three states. The blue line of the Delaware River divides the verdant ridges of New Jersey from those of Pennsylvania. High Point offers superb trails for hikers and quiet spots for nature lovers, campers and anglers."

If the weather is just right , it also provides some amazing photo opportunities for wonderful sunsets.

Sadly, I always see the reminders of careless, selfish people who come here and enjoy the area , then leave it like total crap . Trash. EVERY WHERE !

This is what i collected in just about an hour without even trying.

There were glass beer bottles, empty beer cans...deodorant packages, baby wipes, ( a dirty diaper ) about 50 empty cigarette packs.. plastic bottles and more.

I often wish we didnt have to share the planet with people who obviously dont care about it !




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