Hunter Dead After Deer He Shot Got Up And Attacked Him !


Keith Stephens, a spokesperson for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, told Fox News. "He apparently went over to the buck and it got up and attacked him"

He said hunters should make sure to wait 30 minutes after shooting a deer before approaching it, as "it may not be dead." Stephens said the latest victim "may have done that, [but] we just don’t know."

another statement said "It appears he shot the deer and he had put his rifle down near the deer stand and walked down to check and make sure it was dead," a wildlife official said. "And that's when whatever happened, happened."

This is probably the most famous deer "attack" video ... It was actually filmed in the late 1980's early 1990's, the "Hunter" isn't a hunter he's a photographer. To get closer to his subject animals he used a deer urine based scent cover his human scent. Trouble was it worked too well and the buck perceived him as a rival deer - hence why he was attacked.

The video has this particular ' survivor' explaining the situation !

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