Black Crowes Tease Reunion with a New Jersey Billboard

So why is there a new Black Crowes logo on the band's Twitter feed? And on their Facebook page? And on their website?

And what's it doing on a New Jersey billboard just outside the Lincoln Tunnel?

Is the band reuniting - or what?

A story in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month indicated that Chris and Rich Robinson would be going back out on the road in 2020. The article included this quote from former manager Pete Angelus: “I’m aware of the deal that the brothers made with Live Nation for a 2020 tour." Former drummer Steve Gorman confirmed he'd heard something about a new tour, but he hasn't been asked to participate. According to Gorman "they are going to move forward with new people."

Here's the story from Jambase with a picture of the Billboard.

Here's the Wall Street Journal story.

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