Today is BOWSERS 5th Annual "GOTCHA-DAY " - Heres a look back...

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of Bowsers ' Extension of Existence" - 1,825 days ago "Bowser" formerly known as "Frankie" got his freedom ride.

"Peaches " and "Frankie" were brought ( or should we say dragged ) into the Humane Society of Port Jervis NY by animal control officers after seizing them from a house that was under investigation for illegal activity. Peaches was very pregnant with Frankies puppies because the ' owners " were using them to breed more pitbulls to sell... and fight !

"Frankie" was used as the father - and also as a bait dog . They would muzzle him - chain him to a fence , then let his own puppies learn to fight by biting him on the neck and face while he was restrained. Needless to say he was extremely afraid when he got there !

Peaches gave birth prematurely in the shelter, but all the puppies survived . Just look at how cute they are ..especially little brown Bowser "clones"


Lyme disease was a shocking surprise when i woke up one day and this is how my buddy was walking. We went to the vet to confirm. Thankfully we caught it pretty early and were able to treat with antibiotics


Heres a look back at some of the amazing memories we've shared over the past 1/2 decade.

There is soo many more pictures and memories that i could share...but keep following our journey together - Were making more every day! . Its been a truly AMAZING 5 years .

Heres to many many more ~

ADOPT - DONT SHOP. it will be the best choice you ever make !

All it takes is some faith, love and a second chance !


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