From Ashes to Vinyl - What sounds would you want to be remembered by ?

THE VINTAGE NEWS has a curious article...

The article reads :

The remains “must be sprinkled onto the raw piece of vinyl (known as a ‘biscuit’ or ‘puck’) before it is pressed by the plates. This means that when the plates exert their pressure on the vinyl in order to create the grooves, the ashes are pressed into the record.”

It isn’t a flawless procedure and the ashes can make their presence felt on the recording as the needle moves over them. But for Leach it’s all part of the magic. He said in his BBC interview “There will, of course, be some extra pops and crackles resulting from the inclusion of ashes — but we like these, as this is you.”

So ... What song or sounds would you like to be remembered by for eternity on playable vinyl?

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