What Grinds My Gears - "Salaries" : Law Enforcement vs Pro Athletes

I have to get this off my chest!

Think about this ....

Gerrit Cole will be making about $98,630 per day over the next nine years to play baseball for the Yankees..

PER . DAY !!

The median salary for a police officer ( detective) is about $75,000 per YEAR

So while we congratulate Gerrit Cole on the amazing contract deal

We honor and remember Jersey City Police Detective Joseph Seals who was killed in the line of duty earlier this week.

Here is something that was posted to facebook from Lieutenant Kelly Chesler of the Jersey City Police Department.

Thank you all for your concern. I am sorry I couldn’t respond to everyone that reached out but know I appreciated each and every one.

Today was a horrific day for the Jersey City Police Department. It was also a stellar day for us. This was not the first time we’ve had a day like this and unfortunately it probably won’t be the last. The men and women of this department experienced an inconceivable loss. Officer Joseph Seals was executed in the most cowardly way. Immediately afterward the same POS cowards that murdered Officer Seals opened fire on innocent civilians on a busy Jersey City Street.

Unaware of Officer Seals’ fate at the time, officers immediately engaged the actors, exchanging gunfire and were pinned down on the street by returning gunfire. Responding patrol cars were fired at as they arrived at the scene. There was chaos, confusion, and no doubt fear. In the midst of this debacle, a call came in of an officer down, shot in the head in the rear of a cemetery. We found Officer Seals shot once in the head and once in the back, in cardiac arrest. Radio notification was made as well as warnings to all city-wide units to use extreme caution for possible ambush situations.

Not one officer, Detective or supervisor hesitated one millisecond. Knowing an officer was down, probably ambushed and possibly dead, no one hesitated. Not knowing whether they would be fired upon at either scene or 10 blocks from either scene, no one hesitated. Off duty officers came in. Neighboring municipalities, county, state, government and out of state agencies rushed to assist. They stood side by side with us not understanding what was happening or knowing what would happen next.

Officers who normally “ride the desk” went into the street immediately without being asked. An entire department that normally operates on 4 distinct district radio channels were all on channel 1 heading to the South. Our Chief of Police did an outstanding

job as Incident Commander and managed to control on scene operations to ensure everyone’s safety.

At the time we didn’t know this dirtbag male and female killing team were wanted for another murder just days before. We didn’t know that today’s cowardly acts were undertaken for the sole purpose of killing people for sport.

But if we did, we still would not have hesitated.

The men and women of this great department rose to the occasion as we always do. We faced the devil, we spit in his face and then we took him down. Just like we’ve done in the past and will likely do in the future. And though we are all grieving and exhausted and trying to keep it together right now, if an outsider walked into the South District at this moment, they would have no idea that something catastrophic happened today.

We are professionals. We are protectors. We are survivors. We stand tall and proud and strong and together as a tribute to Officer Joseph Seals. Just as we did for Detective Melvin Santiago. Just as we did for Detective Mark DiNardo. We will always stand this way. Hopefully for no other line of duty deaths EVER. But we will always stand this way. WE ARE COPS. WE ARE JERSEY CITY COPS. And we will always stand with those who stand with us.

Besides being a Lieutenant with this proud department, I am also a career paramedic. I have performed CPR countless times, sometimes on officers, both on and off-duty. Today was the second time I had to perform CPR on an officer shot in the line of duty. Joseph Seals today. Mark DiNardo, my classmate, in 2009. As a paramedic, I immediately recognized both officers injuries were not survivable. But as a cop and a co-worker and a friend I hoped and prayed there was something I could do to change that. There wasn’t. And though I will run this day through my mind a million times in the future like I have with Mark in the past, I know, and accept, that nothing I could possibly do would have changed their outcomes.

I wish I never had to treat my fatally wounded brothers. But I am proud that I was there, gave 1000% and know without a doubt that everything that could have been done to save them was done. I am thankful that I was the one with them talking to them and praying with them on what I knew was their last moments on earth. I am thankful to give some comfort to their families that they weren’t alone. I am glad to have been able to do that for my lost brothers, their families, my department and myself. I pray to God I never have to do it again. But if I do, I will not hesitate and I will be there. Every single time. And I will grieve privately and console publicly.

This department has faced serious issues in the last several years. We have had dirt thrown on us individually, as a department and as a profession. Yet every time we rise, we dust off and we shine. I am SO proud of the courageous men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, not just today, but always. And I am equally proud to be a part of it.

i apologize for the long post. I don’t often post anymore but this needed to be said. And before anyone comments about what I did today, this post is not about me. I do what I do. I am a cop. I am a paramedic. It is second nature. I love it and hate it and will never leave it. But this post is about the brother who gave his life today, the brothers and sisters who almost gave their lives today and the brothers and sisters I watched today going into the firestorm of evil and beating it to the ground. I am in awe, but not surprised. Be proud of yourselves. You are the last stand. Stay alert, stay alive and God Bless.

Ill bet nobody in the NFL ( or any major league "corporation") has EVER had to make an announcement like that !

I think my point is clearly obvious. We pay for these salaries.. BOTH of them . Law enforcment thru taxes..and the professional sports obsession with these grown men (and in other sports, women) throwing a ball around. We buy their merchandise , we pay for television to watch. We pay for way overpriced tickets to see them live. All with our hard earned money that is hard enough to come by for the average american.

My question is, WHY ?

Why do we hold professional athletes in such high regard and pay them like KINGS , while the government allows the men and women who are ready, willing and prepared to RISK THEIR LIVES for US. Only to be scrutinized and publicly shamed and get so little in return ?

Lets keep in mind, both entities generate revenue. They are both 'businesses' overseen by the 'government'. And the IRS oversees everything.

Who are we really honoring by paying homage to people like Michael Vick and the countless other sports 'professionals" that have proven to have a less than stellar behavior both on and off the field .

There are good and bad apples in every group or profession , but as I see it in this ( personal ) comparison - priorities are way off !

Feel free to disagree ~ I'd love to hear a valid explanation if I'm wrong

I would love to see which direction todays top athletes would run in this situation...

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