Keep An Eye On The Big Guy in the Sky - The Official NORAD SANTA TRACKER !

Its Christmas Eve... So, just in time - here is the link to the OFFICIAL NORAD "Santa Tracker"


Its also National EGGNOG DAY : December 24thisNational Eggnog Day! Being that eggnog is one of the most popular beverages served during the holidays, it’s only appropriate that this occasion is celebrated on Christmas Eve. While eggnog is definitely an acquired taste, there’s no doubt that it’s not quite the holidays without it.

Typically the Yuletide drink is made with milk, sugar, beaten eggs, some spices, and sometimes (most times) alcohol. The type of alcohol changes with where you may be: in Europe it’s traditionally made with white wine, Germans fancy using beer, Peruvians cling to pomace brandy, while us Americans drink it with bourbon or rum. If none of these liquors tickle your fancy, no one said you couldn’t experiment with the recipe.

There are a few theories about how eggnog actually got its name. One story claims that eggnog was first called “egg n’ grog,” which was eventually shortened to “eggnog.” Another tells a story that the name comes from the Old English word for strong ale, “nog.” Put the words egg and nog together, and you’ve got a drink paired with eggs and alcohol. Regardless of how eggnog got its name, there’s no doubt that it continues to be the favorite holiday pick-me-up.

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