Owner Dennis Sugar of Sugar Sweet Farms Indicted on ANIMAL CRUELTY !!

According to a report in the NJ HERALD * full article here > Mr. Dennis Sugar of SUGAR SWEET FARMS located in Sussex County was indicted << by a grand jury, accusing him of failing to care for dozens of piglets and goats — many of which had died and others that were suffering fractures and diseases.

Animal cruelty and neglect is one of the most important issues I support. When people use or manipulate animals for profit and don't have the decency to give them the basic health and wellness attention they require to live comfortably, they 100% lower themselves to a level I cannot even grasp. The depths of their cruelty knows no bounds. Their ignorance shows no empathy. and their actions ( or lack of) are CRIMINAL.

I hope Mr. Sugar has a sentence and living conditions similar to the ones that the animals he held prisoner were in!!

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