A Word of Encouragement In a Time of Uncertainty !

A word of encouragement from Borasio & The 'NNJ Morning Show

A friend of mine who I admire greatly just posted these words today.

"if the 5000 fb friends that I have will help spread the word to look out for your fellow man and woman we will be able to endure anything. This message can be shared exponentially. Let’s call it for what it is, a panic fueled disaster driven by as much misinformation as with real information...many humans when panicked think about only their own immediate surroundings... (I.e. the ridiculous toilet paper hoarding.. my God!....this turns into hoarding everything and exploitation of others by price gauging etc. Think of others as well as yourself! If it’s possible within you, throw politics out the window... everyone should be looking for the same positive outcome. This is a serious world event which could take time to resolve. Help those that need help, don’t abandon the elderly... stop name calling and finger pointing... act on your own .... THINK BEFORE YOU ACT OR REACT. Everyone, yes everyone is in this together!!!!!!"

Don Oriolo~

If all of our NNJ Listeners could share this message, it just might help - even if its a little bit !

Unfortunately we have people like this guy in North Carolina who thinks its funny to play with the fragility of our emotional state right now !

Fortunately there is a bright side! =)

This is a test for all of us.

Every nation around the globe will be affected by this virus. The health of the human race and the impact on the worlds economy will be something that we have never before seen.

Our leaders are seemingly misguided, uninformed and horribly unprepared...

The TV news and print media is a circus of finger-pointing and politics...

Conspiracy theory writers are endless...

The general population has no idea what to believe and is starting to panic - hoard everything in what seems like preparation for possible anarchy.

BUT - If we just STOP and THINK about what were actually doing .. its backwards.

There are approximately 8 BILLION people in the world. On Facebook and other social media lately, it seems that EACH of those 8 BILLION people have the WORST life ever.....this is why the world is falling apart.....one of the most important words in the world, if not the UNIVERSE is : Perspective.

Having the right perspective will help settle your mind, body and soul.

It will help you to learn to give more of yourself than wanting to receive. You will make better decisions in your personal life with your friends, family and associates.

When you are online complaining EVERY, SINGLE day about how sick you are, how much your life sucks, how cruel the world is to YOU, I HIGHLY suggest thinking of the word "perspective"

Let's take a trip to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and visit kids that will not make their 10th birthday.

Let's visit a Veteran's hospital where somebody has all of their limbs blow off.....perhaps we should remember that there are people dying of starvation....children that go with out a CLEAN glass of water...

Take that deep breath and really think about it.

The MEDIA is making us panic instead of staying rational and calm about COVID-19.

Venting is one thing, and all people need to vent so they don't bottle it up inside, but wow, EVERY SINGLE day? If you are able to be typing away on an internet connected device, your day make suck but there are people in far worse and dire situations.

I find it's usually the people who don't say a single, solitary word that carry the burdens of some really horrible problems, but they do not feel the need spew their negativity all over the place on a daily basis.

Find some peace and solstice by helping others and keeping things in PERSPECTIVE.

The world does not revolve around you and your woes....perhaps we can make the world a better place by focusing on each other and making the world a better place instead of focusing on ourselves.

An ancient saying which could not be more true in today's society "No Man is an Island"

How we all act individually will determine our outcome as a whole - Like Don said " Help those that need help, don’t abandon the elderly... stop name calling and finger pointing... act on your own .... THINK BEFORE YOU ACT OR REACT. Everyone, yes everyone is in this together!!!!!!"

And lets not forget the animals stuck in shelters across the USA.

If you can find it in your heart home to just foster one for a couple of weeks - it might make it less horrible for everyone...especially the Dog (or cat) !

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