Borasio + Chainsaw = A New Hobby !

A chainsaw might not be the first thing you go to when you're looking to be creative. My friend Scott did , and he hooked me in !
So far ( In just about 3 weeks) we've ( well, mostly Scott) has made these cool things. The Dragon...The VooDoo Pumpkin..The Wood Faces. Just so neat.

While he was banging those out , I took a more complicated project and started my BIRD
It started like this

It started like this..

I thought this was going to be a simple masterpiece.. How hard could it be ? Right !
Hahah. Think again.

As with most things - Its a lot more difficult that it seems .
After trying to recreate a REAL looking Eagle into this random stump of wood. AND MY FIRST ATTEMPT EVER at Chainsaw Carving

Heres the final product ( it still has to be stained and sealed before finding its forever home - wherever that may be ! )

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