Whats for Dinner? Why not try Crystal Springs Take Out - its TACO THURSDAY

This is GREAT... Especially for a busy family who is trying to make healthy meals but dont have the time .. CRYSTAL SPRINGS does it again..
Why not "Hit the easy button" this week with an amazing dinner to feed the family with easy and pickup from the Crystal Springs Clubhouse. Feed the Family every day of the week, or order your favorites from the Crystal Tavern on the everyday Ala Carte Menu

Decide what you'd like - order on line or by phone
Then , pick-up at The Crystal Tavern, 1 Wild Turkey Way, Hamburg, NJ 07419.

When you arrive for pick up, call (844) 279-5761 for curbside delivery.


Think about what it would cost to go to the supermarket and get all these ingredients , then prepare the meal to this degree of excellence.

MEATLESS Monday: $85
Vegetable Lasagna Cauliflower Gratin Winter Squash Barley + Herb Risotto Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad, Grapes Point Reyes Blue Cheese

Whole Rotisserie Chicken {3½lb portioned into quarters} Sage + Apple Gravy Roasted Root Vegetable Succotash Lobster Fusilli + Cheese Organic Kale Caesar Salad New York Style Cheesecake

CURRY Wednesday: $85
Shrimp & Vegetable Yellow Curry Steamed Rice Naan Bread {8} Shaved Carrot Slaw Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

TACO Thursday: $85
Grilled Bavette Beef Fajitas Skillet Street Corn, Cotija Cheese, Cilantro + Lime Sautéed Onions + Peppers Pancetta-Braised Black Beans Flour Tortillas {8} Guacamole: Avocado, Onion, Cilantro + Lime Pico de Gallo: Tomato, Onion, Cilantro + Jalapeño Corn Tortilla Chips Sour Cream All meals will feed a family of 4

Friday BBQ : $140

Full Rack of Smoked Pork Ribs Roasted Jerk Chicken House BBQ Sauce Corn Bread {8} Shaved Vegetable Slaw Sliced Dill Pickles Bacon-Braised Beans Banana Pudding

Saturday STEAKHOUSE $150
40oz Tomahawk Ribeye Steak {served medium rare + au jus} Creamed Spinach Twice-Baked Potato {4} Horseradish Crème Butter Lettuce Salad, Blue Cheese Dressing Cheesy Pull-Apart Rolls {8} Triple Chocolate Cake

Sunday GRAVY : $130
Sunday Gravy: Meatballs, Sausages + Beef Short Rib Rigatoni Pasta Pork Ragu + Creamy Polenta Charred Broccolini Garlic Bread Fresh Berries + Crème Anglais

Pickup is between the hours of 1:00 - 6:00pm. Orders should be placed no less than 60 minutes prior to pickup. Currently modifications are kept to a minimum, but please advise of any food allergies.

Tune into the Morning Show for my expert reviews on all these amazing creations - And ,feel free to try them yourself and let ME know what YOU think !

This is the spread you'll get  TACO THURSDAY

Take a look at some of the BBQ

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