Rt 15/Weldon Rd overpass: "NJ DOT has decided to replace the entire bridge"

From an article released by NJHERALD.com

Jefferson Mayor Eric Wilsusen said the northern side of the four-lane bridge that carries Weldon Road over Route 15 will be reconfigured with new ramps to accommodate two-way traffic. The southern side of the bridge, where the broken beams were found, will be torn down.

Wilsusen said that weather permitting, the new ramps and traffic pattern will be in place by mid-May. Until then the bridge will stay closed, which means a 40-minute detour to get from one side of Route 15 to the other. 

In a townwide notice, the mayor wrote: The "bad news, NJ DOT has decided to replace the entire bridge." 

The department has not given a timeline for the rebuilding of the bridge. 

Town officials were told the construction would be done in phases and planned so that Weldon Road will remain open during construction.


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