Man With 35 DIFFERENT GIRLFRIENDS Cons Them Out Of....Birthday Gifts !?

Todays story takes us to Osaka, Japan. A 39-year-old guy named Takashi Miyagawa managed to get into relationships with 35 DIFFERENT WOMEN at the SAME TIME . Thats impressive all by itself..
How did he meet these women? . . . by selling shower products door-to-door for a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

So why did he have so many girlfriends? It seems like he wasn't in it for the sex... or emotional companionship ....or even out of some deep insecurity ... he was just in it for the BIRTHDAY PRESENTS.

He would tell each of his girlfriends that his birthday was on a different date . . . so they'd buy him a steady flow of gifts.

His scam blew up in February when a few of his girlfriends found out about each other . . . and then they started tracking down more women who thought they were in a relationship with this guy. And now, he's facing fraud charges.  His scam wasn't even THAT lucrative. For all the work he put in . . . which included keeping track of the women and the lies he told them on an Excel spreadsheet . . . he only took down around $1,400 in presents.


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