Sleeping With Electric Fans Poses Major Health Risks ??

I caught this article this morning and It made me wonder what is the 'safest' way to sleep. and why im even questioning it at this point in my life ..

NEWSWEEK Published this article saying

Sleeping With Electric Fans Poses A Major Risk

It’s important to remember that the blades of the fan aren’t whipping around the cleanest air for your lungs to absorb. In most cases, the dust particles and microscopic bits of gunk lingering in your room circle through the fan, too. And guess where they usually end up? Yep, all the dust and dirt goes right through the wind and into your lungs. It’s a real pain in the neck for people with respiratory issues. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers should think twice before firing up their fan to full blast, and they're not the only ones at risk for serious health problems.

It goes on to say a bunch more things about our eyes , skin, and even mental health .
Nose Bleeds ..Muscle Cramps...Allergy Attacks...Sore Throat

it was even more confusing because after the horror they list ..they say " Don't be too freaked out by your electric fan! If you absolutely need a cool room in order to sleep, then you may actually be on the right path to wellness. Believe it or not, there are actually proven health benefits to sleeping in cooler temperatures."

I guess they just mean without a fan !

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