16 Del Valley School Bus Drivers Unable to work with Covid-19 Restrictions

Covid-19 outbreak affects 16 Delaware Valley school bus drivers

Delaware Valley Schools were closed yesterday because16 drivers can't work because of Covid-19 protocols.

In a statement posted on line and sent to parents Superintendent Dr. John Bell said the 16 drivers had either tested positive, were symptomatic or had close contact. There are still a limited number of bus drivers available to get kids to school. So until further notice all middle and high school students will switch to on line learning. While all of the district's children who are in grade 5 and lower will continue to learn in school. There will be no bus transportation provided for students who attend Delaware Valley Elementary School in Matamoras. Since almost half of the students who attend that school walk or are driven to school each day. Bus transportation is being provided for Dingman Delaware Primary School, Dingman Delaware Elementary School and Shohola Elementary School. In the letter Bell said: "This plan isn't ideal but few things have been during the pandemic. I appreciate everyone's understanding and flexibility as we try to keep as many kids as possible learning in person." Children are required to wear masks while riding on school busses in the school district. There is no word on the vaccination status of any of the bus drivers.

See the WNEP Article HERE

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