Secrets to "A Well Lived Life" for each decade between your 20s thru 80s

A 102-year-old woman in Arizona just wrote a book called "The Well-Lived Life" and came up with her best advice for every decade. Shes a doctor named Gladys McGarey and still hasn't retired.

She just published a new book called "The Well-Lived Life" and offered up her top advice for EVERY DECADE of your life . . .

She's beaten cancer, gone through a divorce, and seen a lot of friends and family pass away. But she still greets each day with optimism.

 Your Twenties: Use them to grow up a little, but also to find what you're passionate about. Quote, "Your twenties are a time when you start to get serious. You have to put your energy into where you want to go. It's about finding your juice." She says "juice" means discovering your purpose in life.

Your Thirties: Don't get too stuck in your ways. People tend to settle into their habits by their thirties. Or, you might feel like you still don't have things figured out yet. Either way, don't feel like you can't make a change. Quote, "There is still so much to do and so much to reach for. Life doesn't truly begin until your forties." 

Your Forties and Fifties: If you can figure out how to take "control" of your life in your forties or fifties, they can be the best years of your life. Don't worry about keeping pace with other people. Just lean on your experience and focus on what's important to you. It's also important to leave hurtful things in the past. 

Your Sixties and Seventies: Realize how wise you are, and use that experience to keep moving forward. 70 used to mean you were "old," but not anymore, especially from the perspective of 102-year-old. Quote, "There's so much that is still there for you if you look for it." 

Your Eighties and Nineties: Remember you can still change almost anything you want to and find new things to explore. Realize your inner child is still in there, and keep livin'.

 She says a happy life is about connecting with your "inner core" and "inner self" no matter how old you are. Quote, "If we do this, we will be exactly where we should be, in each decade of our lives."

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