DoorDash Begins Alcohol Deliveries in New Jersey

Door Dash app download screen

Photo: ERIC BARADAT / AFP / Getty Images

DoorDash has become the first third-party platform to offer safe alcohol delivery in New Jersey. Starting today, consumers can responsibly order beer and wine from eligible local merchants through the DoorDash platform.

Erik Ragotte, DoorDash’s General Manager of Alcohol and Convenience, hailed this as a significant step forward for consumers across New Jersey. He emphasized the company’s commitment to safe and responsible alcohol delivery, highlighting the robust safeguards in place, including a state-of-the-art ID verification process.

The demand for alcohol delivery has seen a surge, with 60% of consumers reporting increased usage over the previous year, according to DoorDash’s 2023 Alcohol Ordering Trends report. This has opened up new avenues for merchants to expand their online presence.

To prevent alcohol from falling into the hands of minors, the company has enacted safety features, including a stringent ID verification process, bans on deliveries to high-risk areas like college campuses, and mandatory training modules for Dashers on safe alcohol delivery.

Additionally, DoorDash has introduced a voluntary self-exclusion list for consumers who prefer not to have alcohol delivered. If a delivery cannot be completed, Dashers are instructed to return the alcohol to the store, with compensation for the entire trip.

Since launching alcohol on its Marketplace in 2020, DoorDash has seen a year-over-year growth of over 100% for alcohol pickup and delivery from 2021 to 2022.

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