NJ Congressman Urges FDA to Innovate Sunscreen Approvals

Summertime - Young woman on beach applying sunscreen on her face, protection on skin

New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer is urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to accelerate innovation in sunscreen products. The call comes as summer is in full swing and the last approval for new active sunscreen ingredients by the FDA was in 1999.

Gottheimer emphasized the need for clearer guidance on sunscreen usage, including the amount to apply and the frequency of reapplication. He suggested that the current online information can be confusing for consumers. According to Gottheimer, sunscreen should be applied daily, reapplied every two hours when outdoors, and should be at least SPF 30 or above and water resistant.

"With summer now well underway, it's crucial that we have the most effective and innovative sun protection products available," said Gottheimer. "I'm calling on the FDA to step up their efforts in approving new sunscreen ingredients and to provide clearer guidance on how to use it effectively.