Do you know about NET NEUTRALITY?

For all of those whose careers and work are made on the internet... speak up.

For anyone who likes to watch videos on Youtube, Netflix, Twitch... SPEAK UP.

Any of you like to shop or browse stores online?... SPEAK UP.

 Have you ever wanted to go down a rabbit hole of information on Wikipedia and then search out a possible new hobby or interest while listening to some music on Spotify and talking to your friends on Facebook only to be stopped because you didn't buy the Social Media and Music Packages on your ISP, oh and maybe you didn't choose the email package or cloud storage packages... So now all your files and emails are out of reach. YOU NEED TO SPEAK UP.

 Do you want to see what the internet looks like without it? Portugal has no Net Neutrality. I'll put a photo in the comments of it. This is the future we get to endure without Net Neutrality.

 Anyone who is against Net Neutrality, probably has no idea what they are mad about. It will effect everything and most importantly put a lot of people out of business due to limitations and restrictions that can be put in place on internet traffic.

 This isn't some nonsense that the FCC is saying will be "Good for business" this is about locking all the doors and only they get to hold the keys.

Do something.


CLICK HERE to be heard in the Battle for the Net

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