The Double Pay Workday Continues...

 Thursday, January 11th
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The DOUBLE PAY WORKDAY continues..  

Listen to win $1000 at the top of ever hour - 6am to 9pm! Simply text the keyword you hear to 200200 for your chance to win!A new keyword will be announced every hour giving you another chance to win!

At 7:05 your chance to win tickets to see YESSONGS- THE CONCERT

All youll have to do is answer a question about one of these

1.  Coca-Cola wanted to raise their prices from 5 cents a bottle in 1953, so they asked the Treasury Department to start making a 7.5-cent coin. They declined, and Coke eventually raised the price to 10 cents.

2.  Alligators hibernate in water by keeping their noses above the surface, so if it freezes over they can still breathe.

3.  Technically, the president isn't supposed to salute military officers, because even though he's the commander-in-chief, he's a civilian.  The first president who started saluting was Ronald Reagan.

4.  Apples can be stored for up to a YEAR before they're sold.

5.  Despite the myths, your hair and fingernails don't keep growing after you die.

YESSONGS - THE CONCERT: This Saturday, January 13th @8PM at Newton Theatre...Re-creating the iconic Yes tour of 1972, starring five musicians who have played with the likes of Brian May, Lou Gramm, Peter Criss, Trooper, and Julian Lennon, and have now diligently recreated this astonishing performance down to the last detail. With the skills and virtuosity of each member, the band reproduces with perfection even the most elaborate songs in a stunning audio and visual masterpiece!

Awww ...Oprah Shares Videos Of Her Mudslide Damaged California Property
Meanwhile ... Death Toll in Southern California Mudslides Rises to 17
In Other News:  Immigration Officials Raid 7-Elevens Across The U.S. 
Texas Woman Faces Life In Prison Following Drunken First Date 
And in ROCK NEWS  Eric Clapton Says He's "Going Deaf," Still Not Retiring

STUDIO LINES ARE OPEN  973 823 -1037

and dont forget to spread the word about our Opioid Town Hall Meeting

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