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Wednesday, January 24th
Morning Clouds/ Afternoon Sun. Breezy High 36

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HOT HEADLINES ( click the title to go to the full article)
 NFL Rejects Veteran Group's #PleaseStand Super Bowl Ad 

"Serial Stowaway" Flew To England With No Passport Or Ticket 

Tide Pod Challenge Can't Be Stopped With Safeguards CEO Says

Man Arrested After Authorities Find Him Storing a Human Head in a Bucket. 

Heres todays 5 RANDOM FACTS          

  • Today in 1984, Apple's Macintosh personal computers hit stores.
  • Whenever a child walks on set for "Sesame Street" the phrase "blue sky" is used to alert the cast and crew to refrain from swearing.
  • Fruit Loops are all the same flavor, just different colors.
  • There’s a YOLO county located in California.
  • Cursing when in pain releases Enkephalin, which raises your pain tolerance causing you to hurt less.

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