Its a SKI FREE Valentines Day on NNJ

** Valentines Day **
Wednesday , February 14th

Heres todays HOT HEADLINES:

Shaun White Wins Third Gold In Men's Halfpipe Event

Flight to Hawaii Makes Emergency Landing After Losing Engine Cover

Woman Goes Through X-Ray At Train Station To Protect Purse

Gunmaker Remington Plans to File For Bankruptcy 

And todays 5 RANDOM FACTS

1. Because of Valentine's Day, more pregnancy tests are sold in March than any other month. The biggest surge is near the end of March, about six weeks from now.

2. Sweethearts . . . the little candy hearts with words on them . . . have been around for over 150 years. They're made by the same company that makes Necco Wafers.  They were invented in 1866.  So, 152 years ago.

3. The origins of Valentine's Day are actually kind of dark because the real life St. Valentine was brutally executed by the Romans aound 270 A.D., he was beaten to death AND beheaded for marrying people in secret. 

4. Ancient doctors believed that different organs controlled certain moods. Happiness, for example, came from the heart, anger from the liver, and fear from the kidneys.

5. And it was February 14th 1932, the United States won the first bobsled competition at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.

At 7:05 Ill ask a question about one of those facts. Get it right, and you'll be on our list to see BRUCE IN THE U.S.A. at the  Newton Theater on Feb 23rd. 

At 7:15 The "NNJ Mystery Riff".  The first caller to get it right wins our 1st pair of tickets to see The Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton at Bethel Woods on June 29thTICKETS DONT GO ON SALE UNTIL Friday at 10am

at 7: 30 It’s a Ski Free Valentines Day.  Caller 9 wins a pair of lift tickets to Shawnee Mountain in the Poconos and gets in the running to win today’s grand prize:  a two-night getaway for two to Sugarbush Mountain in Vermont.

at 9am, Its your 1st of 5 chances to win a VIP Trip to Our 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards! Have you ever dreamed of what it's like to be a star on awards show night? Our 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards are back on Sunday, March 11th and you could live out your celeb fantasy by winning your way there! We want to fly you and a friend to Los Angeles for the weekend where you will score two tickets to the Awards. Remember to listen to 103.7 WNNJ on weekdays at 9am, 11am, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm. Text the keyword you hear to 200200 for your chance to win.

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