Todays Daily Briefing: Tuesday, Feb 20th

Tuesday , February 20th
Mostly Cloudy. Afternoon Sunshine. High 62 

Heres todays HOT HEADLINES:

Black Panther's Opening Weekend Crushes Box Office Records

Track Elon Musk's Tesla As It Speeds Through Space

American Charged With Stealing Thumb From Terra-Cotta Warrior

Trump Backs Effort to Improve Federal Background Checks For Guns 

And todays 5 RANDOM FACTS:

1 .  The green computer code in "The Matrix" is actually a sushi recipe.

2. “Toasting” started in ancient Rome when the Romans continued the Ancient Greek tradition where a dinner host would take the first sip of wine to assure guests the wine was not poisoned, hence the phrase “drinking to one’s health.”

3.  Teddy bears, which were named after Teddy Roosevelt, were a huge hit.  So a toy company tried to recreate the formula with the next president, William Howard Taft, and sold stuffed possums called Billy Possums.  They did not catch on.

4.  A golden retriever named Buddy played Comet on "Full House" and ALSO played Air Bud in the first "Air Bud" movie.  He died in 1998 at age 9.

5.  The bacteria population in just your mouth is larger than the entire human population on Earth.

Remember those facts because at 7:05 Ill ask a question about them. if you get it right ill give you passes to see California’s Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Newton Theater THIS SATURDAY. 

And my " Just Wondering" question of the day...
Do you think it was disrespectful of Fergie to "customize" our National Anthem at the opening of the NBA All Star Game?
I'd especially like to hear from our Veterans on this one...

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