Cant believe I missed this story...

Some how this story escaped me last week... 

Misinterpreted ‘threat' locks down 2 schools in Franklin - New Jersey Herald -                        The Franklin and Hardyston elementary schools, both located within the borough, were put on lockdown for a time Thursday as police investigated what was reported to them as a "school shooting" threat. 

get the whole story "Threat" shuts down 2 Franklin schools

We've got MORE SNOW on the way tomorrow. We cover all the action on the website  with our LOCAL CLOSINGS AND DELAYS PAGE

Heres 5 RANDOM FACTS for today

1.  CBS used to artificially add bird sounds to their golf coverage, until the year 2000 when a bird expert noticed the noises didn't match birds that lived in the area and exposed the scam. 

2.  Pigs CAN NOT look at the sky.  Pigs have very short necks so they find it very hard, if not outright impossible, to look up at the sky. Their spines are the issue. Remember they also have their eyes at the side of their heads. So now, quick experiment: Scrunch your head down to your shoulders, making your neck as short as possible. And old proverb: “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

3.  We say "o'clock" because in the 13th through 17th centuries, clocks weren't prominent.  So when someone was telling you the time from a clock and not a sundial or just guessing, they'd say, "It's four of the clock."  And that became "o'clock".

4.  A new porn video is filmed every 39 minutes in America.

5.  The iron maiden . . . you know, that human-shaped iron cabinet with spikes inside . . . WASN'T an actual torture device in the Middle Ages.  It was created in the 18th century as part of a traveling circus show.

At 7:05 I'll ask a question about one of those facts. If you get it right , Ill send you to see The Dixie Dregs; The Complete Original Lineup this Saturday, March 10 at 8PM at the Newton Theater

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