Yesterday, I did something I've NEVER DONE BEFORE

Thursday, March 8th
Mostly cloudy. High 40 

First things first : The Sussex County Office of Emergency Management announces that the County libraries are open as warming centers and charging stations as follows:
Main Library (Frankford Township) 8:30am – 5:00pm
Dennis Branch (Newton) 9am – 5pm
Dorothy Henry (Vernon Township) 9am – 5pm
Franklin Borough Library 12pm – 8pm
E. Louise Childs (Hopatcong Borough) 9am - 5pm
Sussex-Wantage 9am – 5pm
Internet services are available at the libraries via open Wi-Fi or public computers.

If you experience a POWER OUTAGE call JCP&L at 888-544 4877
or log onto JCP-L. com

Lots of folks in the area dont have power. I can only imagine the cabin fever they must be experiencing. While I was in the store the other day i happened to see a small ( 300 piece) jigsaw puzzle. I thought to myself " You're 40+ years old and you've NEVER started a jigsaw puzzle and actually FINISHED IT. We're in for a big snowstorm...just DO IT ! "
 I made the impulse buy and got it.  That was only 1/2 of the battle. When I got it home and opened the bag, I had a sudden panic attack seeing all the pieces laid out in complete chaos on my kitchen table. 

I started by putting the most obviously recognizable parts together. ( remember ..first jigsaw puzzle EVER)
 I foolishly did NOT start with the borders which I've since learned is the most efficient method to attack suck a task. **note to self.
 Im proud to say that after just over 5 hours of tedious frustration.., I DID IT.. I FINISHED MY FIRST JIGSAW PUZZLE ALL BY MY BIG BOY SELF.
Heres a photo of the finished product :

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