So much "STORMY " weather surrounding the POTUS

Wednesday, March 28th. Cloudy and Rainy thru FRIDAY. High today 52

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At 6:45 we'll talk about these 5 RANDOM FACTS:       

1.  The Post Office's unofficial motto about how "neither snow nor rain" will stop the mail actually comes from the royal mounted couriers in ancient Persia . . . around 440 B.C.

2.  There's only been one time on "Wheel of Fortune" where the answer to a puzzle actually was "WHEEL OF FORTUNE."  It happened on April 2nd, 2001.

3.  Antarctica is the biggest desert on Earth.  Even though there's no sand, the definition of a desert is a barren area where there's very little rain and poor living conditions for plants and animals.

4.  The characters Bert and Ernie on “Sesame Street” were named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver in Frank Capra's "It’s A Wonderful Life."

5.  There's a condition called Erotomania where a person believes a celebrity is in love with them.At 7:05 we ask a question about one of those facts ...Our winner will be added to our EXCLUSIVE GUEST LIST to see KASHMIR this SATURDAY at Newton Theater ! An explosive, high-energy rock concert that recreates the sound, likeness and experience of classic Led Zeppelin, unlike any since Robert Plant and Jimmy Page shared the stage. Always a Sold Out Show!

at 8:05 listen for the NNJ Mets Morning Show Mash up for tickets to see the Mets  vs. Phillies on Tuesday, April 3rd 7:05pm

So much "STORMY " weather surrounding the POTUS
i'm very curious about the "Stormy Daniels Saga" surrounding the POTUS. Its almost too surreal to be reality. It could be a Hollywood 50 Shades of Grey ! The President of the U.S.A. in a legal battle with an Adult Film star. The Stormy Daniels interview gave "60 Minutes" its biggest ratings in ten years...What would the movie be called ? 

WATCH Anderson Cooper break down President Trump's uncharacteristic silence in response to Stormy Daniels' allegations.

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