Its FRIDAY and the NNJ Biker Report RETURNS

Friday, April 6th

Starting at 6am listen every hour until 9pm tonight for your special KEYWORD that you'll TEXT to 200 200 to win $1000 instantly.

6:30 the NNJ Outdoor Minute : TROUT SEASON OPENS TOMORROW MORNING at 8am

We've given them away all week long ...At 7:05 win my last pair of RESERVED SEATS our 'NNJ Summer Concert  LYNYRD SKYNYRD - LAST OF THE STREET SURVIVORS FAREWELL TOUR - WITH SPECIAL GUESTS 38 SPECIAL, THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND, & WILD ADRIATIC  After a career that has spanned more than 40 years and includes a catalog of more than 60 albums, Southern Rock icons, Lynyrd Skynyrd, will embark on its final Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour to give fans one last memorable night of classic American Rock-and-Roll.


at 8:15 we welcome back BIKER BILLY Jr. for the first NNJ Biker Report of the 2018 motorcycle riding season

Here are todays 5 RANDOM Facts...just because.                  

1.  To keep kids from cheating on their university entrance exams, Uzbekistan literally shuts off the entire Internet in the country on test day.

2. 1996, the remaining Beatles rejected a $500-million offer for a 20-minute concert at Shea Stadium.

3.  Viagra was initially developed to help relieve pain from spasms in the coronary arteries.  It didn't work, but in the tests, the researchers discovered its "other" side effect . . . and quickly made that its MAIN purpose.

4.  Ronald Reagan was the first U.S. president who ever had a divorce.  He married an actress named Jane Wyman in 1940 . . . they got divorced eight years later in 1948. President Trump is the second.

5.  Everyone in North Korea named Kim Jong Un had to legally change their name once he took power, because it's illegal to have the same name as the Supreme Leader.

Heres some HOT TOPICS :

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California Hit By 5.3-Magnitude Earthquake

2018 Hurricane Season Predicted To Be More Active Than Usual 

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