Next Stop...SUMMER - Borasio's Beautiful Buggy Weekend - *Pics and VIDEO*

Spring is alive and so is Mother Nature. That means SUMMER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER

All around the Tri-State area beautiful things are coming to life.

Here are a couple of things that I experienced this weekend, and thought I would share with you ! =)


Then there was this. This is MY PERSONAL Video of Preying Mantis hatching.

Amazing ...

And NOW ( You're hearing it first) .. the BEST 'NEW AWAKENING' thats happened so far this spring? Its in the air.. . could it be ???

L.O.V.E ?????

Hmmm ... Meeting someone on a romantic level... during a PANDEMIC. Crazier things have happened !

Im so grateful for having our paths cross. She's A TOTAL CATCH and will remain nameless to protect our privacy! LOL

Dynamic, Powerful, Intelligent, KIND and BEAUTIFUL !

Probably way out of my league, but please don't tell her that ;)

Its new, and its exciting. Keep your fingers crossed !

Keep listening to the morning show and ( hopefully) you'll be hearing more about this beautiful mystery lady soon ! <3

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