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SINGLE? Here's what DATING is like in 2024. . . dropped its annual "Singles in America" study that looked at the state of dating in 2024.

The stat everyone's talking about this time is 31% of singles have explored "CONSENSUAL NON-MONOGAMY." A.k.a., you get to sleep around.

Only 49% said a traditional, two-person relationship is their ideal scenario right now.

That said, 79% of singles . . . and 83% of Gen Z'ers . . . think they can still have a lifelong marriage. So the institution isn't totally dead. Here are the four most common types of non-monogamous relationships . . .

1. Monogamish: Not totally open, but you sometimes get it on with other people.

2. Polyamory: Where your relationship involves three people or more.

3. Open relationships: A committed primary relationship that openly allows romantic and/or sexual activity with others.

4. Swinging: You both go out and look for other sexual partners together.

Here are a few more quick stats on what dating is like in 2024 . . .

1. Not everyone wants sex. 21% of singles said they don't want a sexual relationship right now.

2. One in seven online daters are using A.I. 43% of them have used it to write their dating profile, and 37% have used it to write their first text to someone. Help coming up with conversation topics on dates is also near the top of their wish list.

3. For a second year in a row, money was voted the top obstacle for dating. And 73% of singles say being financially stable is a top quality they look for.

4. 64% are looking for someone who wants to get married. Only 57% want a partner who wants kids.

5. The top cornerstones of a good relationship, according to singles, are: Trust, good communication, and mutual respect. The top red flags are poor communication, a lack of trust . . . and cheating is third. (???)

6. The top people we turn to for dating advice are friends, family, therapists, and INFLUENCERS. 23% of Gen Z'ers and 19% of Millennials get dating advice from folks on TikTok and Instagram. So do around 10% of Gen X'ers and Boomers.

7. One in 10 singles have also asked an EX for dating advice.

  • People online are Also talking about their PETTIEST dating red flags, and here are some highlights . . .

1. "Their ideal home temperature is lower than 70 degrees."

2. "Anyone with just a plain mustache, without any other facial hair."

3. Someone said, "I got the ick from a man I was dating, because I watched him run to catch a coin that had fallen and started rolling away."

4. Someone said, "I don't think I could date someone with a peanut allergy. I love peanut butter."

5. "I don't date anyone who's new to my city. I'm not interested in becoming someone's personal tour guide."

6. "If their ex isn't what I consider to be good-looking."

7. Someone said, "I seriously dated three guys named Dave. A man named Dave would have to be an 11 out of 10 for me to go this route again."

8. "Bad music taste . . . because when they give me compliments, I'd think, 'But your taste is terrible.'"

9. "Socks with sandals are my pettiest, but most strictly enforced deal-breaker."

10. "I won't date someone who likes reality TV . . . watching it on occasion because you're multi-tasking is fine, but if you know everyone's backstories and timelines, it's a no for me."

11. "Being the youngest sibling."

12. "If they have a best friend of the opposite sex."

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