Even Geddy Lee Got Worried When He Heard He Was Trending On Twitter

If it's not timed with a release or a big announcement, trending on social media usually means one thing for a veteran musician: they've moved on to the great gig in the sky.

Rush bassist and frontman Geddy Lee's name started trending early this week for reasons that were unclear at first.

Being that the year is 2020, and being that Twitter is generally full of a lot of hand-wringing, people assumed something was amiss. It appears Lee's name moved up in the trending rankings as more people took to Twitter to wonder why he was trending.

Lee himself responded to the hubbub via Rush's official Twitter account.

"Even I gulped when I saw I was trending," Lee quipped. "But I asked my dogs, and apparently I'm a bit boring but otherwise fine."

Apparently, Lee's name started coming up on Twitter after some MLB fans noticed his unmistakable cardboard cutout propped up in the stands behind home plate during the Yankees/Blue Jays series.

The cutout made news earlier in the baseball season when it was first spotted in the stands next to a cutout of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Lee is a huge baseball fan and was a mainstay at Blue Jays home games in the before-times. With fans barred from the stadiums due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee is among many fans to have ordered a cardboard cutout of himself to occupy a seat near the field.

Photo: Getty Images