Quinn unleashes his agenda on the audience like a bat to the face. A former commodities broker with a nomadic upbringing he's a student of the world, traveling to more than thirty countries and living in 17 states including every state in New England.

He’s been in at least five 6.0+ Earthquakes, two of them while completely naked. He’s been a near victim of a Suicide bombing in Colombo Sri Lanka and cannot stand the taste of cilantro. He is an avid outdoorsman who owns his own machete’.

His political savvy is championed only by his desire to breathe the word of the people. He makes a heck of a pitcher of mental Kool-aid and loves to drink it himself. He likes sky surfing, shucking corn, grilling, eagles, (but not grilling eagles) bags of candy, The Beastie Boys, special-ops, eating raw fish, conspiracy theory, light wresting, waves, great literature, hauling sand, Lubrication, earning his downhill, bass, laughter, tears, waxing philosophically, wrangling cattle, horses & cock-fighting. Quinn will never live a "Normal" existence and is perfectly happy with that.

His only father figure told him to be a crab fisherman and his grandfather used him to smuggle precious Gemstones into the country. With unconditional love he gains super powers that are of such great intensity that he can spin the earth on the tip of his finger right in front of you. He likes to laugh, wax philosophical and make out.



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