Couple Claims they Don't Remember Route 94 Car Crash & Assault

Close-Up Of Blue Siren On Police Car At Night

Photo by Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm / Getty Images

A Pine Bush, NY couple claims they don't remember crashing their car into a storefront on Route 94 after attending Mountain Creek's Oktoberfest on September 21. According to the New Jersey Herald, Allan and Stephanie Grosso said they remember drinking two beers at the event but not much else.

According to police Allan and Stephanie were driving home shortly before midnight when Allan punched his wife, possibly causing her to veer off the road. Surveillance footage shows the Jeep driving into the store and then toward an exit by Route 94. Stephanie then gets out of the vehicle and Allan allegedly punches and kicks her.

On Monday, September 30 Stephanie testified that her husband has never hit her before and that she believes something was put in their drink.

Read the story here.

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