Three People Arrested for Selling Heroin in Sussex County

Photo: Getty Images

Two Sussex County residents and a Paterson man have been charged with selling heroin. According to the New Jersey Herald, Lisa Repici, of Newton, Shaunamarie Orlando, of Wantage, and Dominick Wilson, of Paterson, were arrested following an investigation into the sale of drugs in the county.

Wilson, 34, is accused of supplying drugs to Repici, 31, so she could sell them locally but he claims he has nothing to do with it. Wilson reportedly told the judge,

"It's not fair, Your Honor. I guess because I'm Black and I'm from Paterson, that makes me the bad guy. I'm trying to do something right for myself for once in my life and this is where it got me. I'm trying to be productive and be a good citizen and this is where it landed me."

Repici and Wilson are facing multiple charges and were ordered to remain in jail while Orlando, 30, was charged and released .

Read the New Jersey Herald story here.

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