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Thursday , July 6th Mostly cloudy .  showers possible. Hi 78

ALWAYS MORE WAYS TO WIN with the 'NNJ Morning Show..

At 7:05 its the NNJ Garden State Giveaway with your  chance to get on the NNJ Guest list to see  "Live at the Fillmore: The Definitive Tribute to the Original Allman Brothers band " SATURDAY NIGHT at the Newton Theater

All you have to do is answer todays QUESTION OF THE DAY:Who did  Gregg Allman marry in 1975, only to divorce just 4 years later in 1979.A) Shannon TweedB) Cherilyn SarkisianC) Janice JoplinD) Sharon Rachel Levy

THEN at 9:00, its another 'NNJ TICKET BLITZ ...Everyone who calls our studio lines between 9 and 9:30 and SPEAKS TO BORASIO will be on the guest list for JOHN MELLENCAMP on his "Sad Clowns and Hillbillies" tour at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts tomorrow night

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