Finish the week up STRONG ! !

Friday, January 12th
Rain . Showers could be heavy at times. High 60 

The DOUBLE PAY WORKDAY continues..  

Listen to win $1000 at the top of ever hour - 6am to 9pm! Simply text the keyword you hear to 200200 for your chance to win!A new keyword will be announced every hour giving you another chance to win!

At 7:05 your last chance to win tickets to see YESSONGS- THE CONCERT

All youll have to do is answer a question about one of these 5 RANDOM FACTS:

  1.  "All in the Family" premiered on January 12, 1971 on CBS. Aside from the fact that the show went on to become legendary – this episode was remarkable for featuring the first toilet flush on TV.

2.  "Nimrod" only became another word for idiot because of Bugs Bunny.  He called Elmer Fudd a "nimrod."  But Nimrod is a Biblical character who's referred to as a mighty hunter.  And since Elmer Fudd was a bad hunter, Bugs was using it ironically.

3. Today in 1972 President Nixon ordered the development of the space shuttle.

4.  Cookie dough ice cream was created by Ben & Jerry's in 1984.  They originally sold it at a shop in Vermont, then started selling the pints in 1991. 

5.  By age 32, you've been alive for over one billion seconds.

Heres todays HOT HEADLINES: 

At Least 43 People Missing In California Mudslides

IRS Spends $20 Million To Collect $6.7 Million In Tax Debts

Woman Disgusted By What She Found In Pocket Of New $120 Jeans

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