Two for Tuesday...Snow begins TODAY !

Tuesday, January 16th
Here's a glimpse at the forecast map:

The DOUBLE PAY WORKDAY continues..  

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1.  The penalty for cannibalism in Idaho is up to 14 years in prison . . . unless you ate someone, quote, "under extreme, life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival."  Then you're good. 

2. Coca-Cola originally included coca derivatives such as cocaine in their sodas, which at the time was not illegal. It was originally served as a “brain tonic and intellectual soda fountain beverage.”

3.  The Starbucks at CIA headquarters doesn't write people's names on the coffee cups, to protect their identities.

4.  Instant coffee was invented by a guy named . . . George Washington.  He came to America from Belgium in the late 1800s and started manufacturing instant coffee in 1910.

5.  It's a federal crime for someone who's not a postal worker to wear a U.S. Postal Service uniform . . . unless you're acting in a play, TV show, or movie.  A Halloween costume ISN'T a good enough excuse.  You can get a fine or six months in prison.

Heres your HOT HEADLINES for today !

Four Democrats Skipping Trump's State of the Union Address

New Study Says Dog Owners Would Rather Spend Time With Their Pets Than Other People...

Pope Francis Warns World On Brink of Nuclear War

Worker Who Sent Out Hawaii Missile Alert Reassigned

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