Two for Tuesday...theres more snow on the way!

Two for Tuesday, February 6th
Morning Clouds/ Afternoon Sun. High 32                                                                             STUDIO LINES ARE OPEN  (973) 823-1037 

 First caller thru at 6:05 get in the Early Risers Club with tickets to see jazz guitarist Al Dimeola this Friday, February 9th at 8PM at the Newton Theatre

At 7:05 You're SCREAMIN' FREEBIRD for SKYNYRD ! ! 
Its our NNJ Summer Concert at Bethel Woods  including Lynyrd Skynyrd and special guests The Marshall Tucker Band and 38 Special. Saturday, July 21st

Then, at 9am you have the 1st of 5 chances to win a VIP Trip to Our 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards! Have you ever dreamed of what it's like to be a star on awards show night? Our 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards are back on Sunday, March 11th and you could live out your celeb fantasy by winning your way there! We want to fly you and a friend to Los Angeles for the weekend where you will score two tickets to the Awards. Remember to listen to 103.7 WNNJ on weekdays at 9am, 11am, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm. Text the keyword you hear to 200200 for your chance to win.

Heres todays 5 RANDOM FACTS: 

1.  London has more Indian restaurants than any city in India.

2.  Jaguars are named after the Native American word "yaguar," which means "he who kills with one leap."

3.  Sony makes the bulk of its money selling insurance.  They offer life, auto, and health insurance in Japan . . . which accounts for 63% of their profits for the past 10 years. Their electronics department operates at a loss.

4.  Arnold Schwarzenegger never blinks during "Terminator 2".

5.  Dr. Seuss wrote "Green Eggs and Ham" after his publisher bet him he couldn't write a book using 50 words or less.  There are only 50 unique words in "Green Eggs and Ham" . . . although he repeats them over and over.


Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Pot Dispensary 

Baldness Cure Could Be Found In McDonalds French Fries Chemical

Wild Day on Wall Street Sees 1,100+ Point Plunge

Beloved 'Frasier' Star John Mahoney Dies at 77

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