Friday, March 23rd
Mix of Sun and Clouds. High 42 

The Double Pay Workday continues..

At 6:30 its the NNJ Outdoor Minute OPENING DAY OF TROUT SEASON IS ALMOST HERE ... 

Heres todays 5 RANDOM FACTS :

1.  In the 1830s,  ketchup was turned into pills and sold as a medicine to treat indigestion and diarrhea. 

2.  In 1970, only 7% of gynecologists were women.  Now it's up to 59%.  And 82% of the residents training to be gynecologists are now women.  

3.  Some of the names for "Sesame Street" that got rejected were The Video Classroom . . . 1-2-3 Avenue B . . . and Fun Street. 

4.  The most common name for U.S. presidents is James, with six:  Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, and Carter.  There have been four Williams, four Johns (five if you count Calvin Coolidge), and three Georges. 

5.  In Japan, it’s considered rude to pour a drink for yourself. In a gesture of hospitality, your drinking partner will pour your drink. You then reciprocate by pouring theirs.

At 7:05 we'll ask you a question about one of our 5 RANDOM FACTS.     If you get it right, you'll be added to our guest list to see the legendary all-American front-man and guitarist who pulled the original Grand Funk Railroad together: Mark Farner at The Newton Theater this Friday, March 24th at 8PM

We'll also catch up with Mark Farner and find out what happening in his world...


~ Senate Approves Spending Bill
~ Toys "R" Us Founder Dead At 94 
~ Body Cam Video Shows Police Shooting Unarmed Black Man In Backyard
~ Florida High School Requires Clear Backpacks Following Shooting 

AND Today is National Puppy Day

 This is the day that we celebrate our favorite furry friends and most reliable companions, the little K-9s! Colleen Paige declared the first National Puppy Day in 2006 not only to celebrate how absolutely adorable they are but to raise awareness about the horrors of puppy mills.

Over 8,000 puppy mills and “backyard breeders” supply the nation’s pet stores in America. Imagine how many dogs are kept in horrible conditions and are often killed when they’re no longer fertile. Some states have passed legislation prohibiting stores from selling puppy mill puppies , and only 'sell' or adopt animals from shelters. Wondering how you can help? “Adopt instead of Shop!” as National Puppy Day organizers would say!

 OUR STUDIO LINES ARE OPEN (973) 823 - 1037


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