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Monday, March 26th
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At 6:45 we talk about these 5 RANDOM FACTS : 
1.  More than half of all the motels in the U.S. are owned by people of Indian descent . .  and one-third of motels are owned by someone with the last name Patel.

2.  Stores in Oklahoma have to sell beer at room temperature . . . it can't be refrigerated.

3.  More running races are held on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year . . . last year, about 870,000 people ran in a race on Thanksgiving.

4.  Ranch dressing is named after the brand Hidden Valley Ranch . . . they created the dressing in the 1950s and everyone who copied it called it "ranch style."

5.  The best selling song in French history is a Christmas song called "Petit Papa Noel".  The second best selling song of all time in France is . . . the "Chicken Dance".

at 7:05  Ill ask a question about our 5 RANDOM FACTS. If you get it right you'll be added to our EXCLUSIVE GUEST LIST to see KASHMIR this SATURDAY at the Newton Theater ! An explosive, high-energy rock concert that recreates the sound, likeness and experience of classic Led Zeppelin, unlike any since Robert Plant and Jimmy Page shared the stage. Always a Sold Out Show!

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