Hip Hip HOORAY...Its 2 for TUESDAY!

Two for TUESDAY , March,27th
Mostly Cloudy this afternoon. High 45

Want to see KASHMIR this Saturday?
Be ready to call in at 7:05 when we ask a question about one of these
1. In 1983, Apple entered the Fortune 500 at #411 after being in existence for only five years, making it the fastest growing company in history. ** Apple stores each sell an average of $93,150 worth of products every day, which is equivalent to $3,900 an hour or $65 a minute every day of the year.

2. When you look down at your phone, the amount of pressure on your spine is the equivalent of putting a 60-pound weight on your neck.  So if you do it an hour a day, that really adds up . . . and may cause you serious problems down the line. Heres more on that if you want to check. 

3. The planet with the shortest day is Jupiter . . . it only takes the equivalent of 9.9 Earth hours for Jupiter to complete a full rotation. 

4.  Estelle Getty played Bea Arthur's mother on "The Golden Girls" . . . even though Estelle Getty was actually one year YOUNGER than Bea Arthur.

5. In the 1800s, there was an Eskimo custom when a stranger would enter the village . . . he and one of the locals would slap each other as hard as possible until one gave up.

Our winner will be added to our EXCLUSIVE GUEST LIST to see KASHMIR this SATURDAY at the Newton Theater ! An explosive, high-energy rock concert that recreates the sound, likeness and experience of classic Led Zeppelin, unlike any since Robert Plant and Jimmy Page shared the stage. Always a Sold Out Show!

We'll be talking about these HOT TOPICS:

Warrant issued for Wantage man accused of burglarizing restaurant, returning to take tip jar

Two People Accused Of Stealing Toys From Florida Shooting Memorial

Father Banned From Taking Daughter To Prom

Woman Arrested, Evicted For Leaving Nasty Note On Ambulance


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